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All main dishes include basmati rice, naan bread, salad and raita.

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Tandoor dishes are spiced and marinated in yogurt and grilled on coal fire in Tandoor clay oven of Indian origin. This traditional and healthy Indian way of preparing meat and fish preserves the natural aroma and flavour of the food.

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Mixed Sizzler (L.G)


Herb yogurt marinated tandoori fried chicken tikka and lamb on...

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Tandoori Prawns (L.G)


Tandoori marinated succulent king prawns, capsicum and onions

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Tandoori Chef Special (L.G)


Lamb shish kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka, king prawn, cottage...

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Mutton Tikka Sizzler (L.G)


Tandoori marinated fillet of lamb tikka, with capsicum, onions and...

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Butter Chicken (L.G)


Tandoori marinated chicken fillet in a fresh tomato butter cream...

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Chicken Tikka (L.G)


Fried chicken tikka marinated in a tandoori and herb yogurt

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Chicken Tikka Masala (L.G)


Herb yogurt marinated tandoori fried chicken tikka in a masala...

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Kashmeeri Tikka (L.G)


Tandoori marinated chicken fillets, cumin and coriander seed in a...

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Malai Boti Chicken Tikka (L.G)


Herb yogurt marinated tandoori fried chicken tikka in a coconut...

L – Lactose free  •  M – Milk free  •  G – Gluten free •  V – Vegan
Dear customer, more information about foods and their possible allergens can be obtained from the restaurant staff.

Delivery charges: 4,9€. When order is over 25€, delivery is FREE. Estimated delivery time 45-60 min. Estimated Pick-Up time 30-40 min. Delivery area 6.2 km.